All shrimps and fishes are local bred, none of them import. 

Local Pick up: (Toronto only)

  • Minimum order for pick up is 25$

Shipping cost:

  • 15 to 20$ for Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City (Most big cites in Ontario and Quebec)
  • 20 to 30$ for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon (may adjust manually)
  • 25 to 30$ for Halifax (may adjust manually)
  • If shipping cost over 40$ , send your postcode, we will adjust manually (95% orders that shipping cost will not over 40$, only wholesale orders with multiple items will be cost 40~50$ )
  • Combine shipping rate with multiple items set to Maximum 50$ on April 24, 2018, but if actual shipping cost is over 70$, we won’t fulfillment it.
  • Minimum order for shipping is 45$ (shipping cost are extra, not including).
    • people often asked how many shrimps can I get for 50$ shipping including,
    • if shipping cost to your address is 15$, your order will be 35$(less than 45),  we won’t ship this order.
  • ship in Canada only (no USA)


    • PayPal (3% fee may apply, charged by PayPal)
    • eTransfer (E-mail Money Transfers, INTERAC, no extra fee)
    • Credit Cards through PayPal (You can use your credit card via PayPal to pay, even if you do not have a PayPal account), please don’t send us your credit card information.

Guarantee: Live Arrival Guaranteed.

Guarantee covers the cost of the Shrimps and fish  ONLY.  Shipping cost is not refundable. If you provide me with clear photos and videos of DOA’s in unopened shipping bag right after arrival (within 2 hours) I  will refund you the cost of the shrimps or ship it again. If clear photos and videos are not received within 2 hours or you do not take delivery at the first attempt, the guarantee is void.  

Photos and videos must show the dead shrimps body in unopened bag (dead shrimps will laid down on the bottom of shipping bag, live shrimps will hang on the Java Moss,  they will not moving when water is very cold which is normal for winter shipping). Unclear photos and videos is not acceptable. (updated this, after meet one eBay scammer (less than 1% buyer like him) who abuse eBay return policy on Nov 20, 2018).

If you think it is DOA, you can open outside shipping bag (we double or triple bags shrimps) to take clear photos and videos, but DON’t open last bag. You can float shrimps with last bag together in your tank for temperature acclimation (30~60 minutes) in winter. You don’t have to open it if it is DOAs, this will protect buyer for their guarantee. Because, scammer always said “I opened bag, smell bad, I flushed it or dumped them in garbage.”  Shrimps will “sleep” and not moving in very cold water when you received the parcel. Please don’t worry about it, after temperature acclimation they should be wake up and moving normally.

Shipping time and weather: 

  • Shrimp can be shipped all year(winter too), fish will shipped with “Winter fish shipping policy”.
  • The orders will  be shipped  from Monday to Tuesday (Wednesday for 1 day delivery only) in case of any delay by courier, which cause parcel stuck at courier warehouse for weekend. Most couriers will only take parcel, but won’t attempt delivery on weekend.

Winter fish shipping policy: 

  • A, Package will be shipped to Purolator warehouse ONLY when the weather is too cold.
  • The temperature in warehouse will not cold as inside delivery truck, also some delivery drivers may drop off parcel outside your house without knock at the door.  If Purloator warehouse is too far for you do pick up, we will reschedule shipping date or refund your order.
  • B, DOA guarantee will cover next day delivery only (NOT apply to shrimp order)
  • Shrimp order cover DOA guarantee for more than 1 day shipping.
    Fish order will be cancelled and refund it if no next day delivery available your area in winter.
  • Both conditions are for fish order ONLY, not apply to shrimp order

Minimum order:

  • Question:
    • Why introduce a minimum order value for pick up and shipping .
  • Answer:
    • We offer health local bred shrimp and fish with affordable price to people. If we own a fish store, we will happy to take any orders. But we are not, we have limit time for this hobby daily . That is the reason why we build this site, saving time to answer repeat questions and make life simple.
    • Handling time for pick up each order is 15~30 min(waiting people come, bag it, etc, sometime people cancelled it last minute  or never show up) , and 30~60 min for shipping (make Styrofoam box, bag it and drop off at courier office, etc ). We can only spend maximum 1 hour for pick up daily, or max 2 hours for shipping from Monday to Tuesday.
    • If you don’t need that many fish and shrimps, you can share with your friend. We can bag it separately. We won’t take any order less than minimum.


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    • Minimum order set to 45$, less than 45$ (before shipping) will show error.
    • Maximum shipping cost set to 50$.