Guppy AFR (Albino Full Red) red eyes


Red guppies ONLY in the tank.

Winter fish shipping policy (NOT apply to shrimp order)

A, Package will be shipped to Purolator warehouse ONLY when the weather is too cold.

The temperture in warehouse will not cold as inside delivery truck, also some delivery drivers may drop off parcel outside your house without knock at the door.  If Purloator warehouse is too far for you do pick up, we will reschedule shipping dates or refund your order.

B, DOA guarantee will cover next day delivery only (for fish order only)

Shrimp order cover DOA guarantee for more than 1 day shipping.
Fish order will be cancelled and refund it if no next day delivery available your area in winter.

Both conditions are for fish order ONLY, not apply to shrimp order.

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2 pairs, 5 pairs


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