Bloody mary 10 for $45


10 x bloody mary shrimps (neo caridina)

size : 1/2″ (average)

Please read the description before place order.

Some Bloody Mary shrimp’s color are very close to Fire Reds. If you don’t feel happy about that, please do NOT order this item.

Because, different breeders and sellers have different definition on Bloody Marys and Fire Reds.

Bloody Marys have a transparent red shell. Painted fire reds have an opaque, solid shell. Those definitions are copied from internet.

Here is the difference between our Bloody Marys and Fire Reds tanks. Adults, juvenile and fry have all most same shades of red in Bloody Mary tanks, also males and females color are similar compared to our Fire Red tanks. There are big color differences between Fire Red males and females.
Normally, Bloody Mary shrimps don’t have white stripes on their back, but many mature Fire Red females have white stripes on their back. Female fire reds are much redder  and darker than males.
If you don’t feel happy about the color similarity, please do NOT order this item. It is hard to find a common opinion for Fire Reds and Bloody Mary.

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