Fire Red (CULLs) or Smaller Fire red (Not CULLS) 50 for $60


Please compare the color in container A, B, C, D, E before place order.

Only Container B and D are the items in this deals, C and E in other items

All shrimps in containers had been out of tanks for few hours.

Most cherry shrimps color gone, but even Fire red Culls still have colors.

(Samsung camera made shrimps color too dark, real shrimps color are red, all fire reds from  GBR tank on YouTube video. Don't keep GBR any more ).

A : Fire red shrimps before sorting

B : Fire red shrimps Smaller, half size of container C (1/4~1/2″)

C : Fire red shrimps (1/2~3/4″) NOT in this item, more females than males

D : Fire red shrimps Culls (1/2~3/4″), more males than females

E : Cherry shrimps (for color compare only)

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